• ISOS

    The system consists of fixed windows, which are also available in large sizes with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. For those who love a feeling of maximum comfort and fluid osmosis between home living and the outdoors, thanks to the design continuity between interior and exterior flooring.
    With ISOS outside is inside, and vice versa.


    This is an aluminium window in which the sash is visible from the outside. Both the panel and frame, however, are aligned in order to confer a high level of harmony between the elements.?This is a product that suits both modern contexts and contemporary environments.?Materials, design and ad hoc workmanship make it maintenance-free, to last forever, whilst being totally recyclable, thus having the utmost respect for the environment.


    ALUPROX is suitable for modern contexts in which defined and basic shapes dominate. A system which is completely concealed in the wall, so that the outside view includes no more than the glass, creating unparalleled continuity and making the building take on an elegant and clean connotation. The windows are made of aluminium, a high-quality and extremely durable material.


    LIQUENTIA is the traditional window. Every detail of its design research can be found in the history of ancient villas and castles, when windows were not
only manufactured but synonymous with culture and respect. Its design is the result of the respect of those ancient forms and the skilful work of the expert hands of master craftsmen. LIQUENTIA brings new life to these values.

  • MAXIMA 90

    For those looking to get the most out of wood IMPRONTA responds with its MAXIMA line, in its various forms, each with its own strong and distinctive personality. MAXIMA 90 can be seen as the flagship product, the top of the range not only for the greater thickness of its frame but for the standards of absolute value with regard to aesthetics, functionality and performance that put it in the deluxe class.
    90: the number of MAXIMA exclusivity.

  • MAXIMA 80

    For those looking to get the most out of wood IMPRONTA responds with its MAXIMA line, in its various forms, each with its own strong and distinctive personality. MAXIMA 80 interprets style and elegance through top performance, making it ideal for any construction.
    The wide range of finishes allows contextualization in both contemporary and classical settings. MAXIMA 80, the standard of quality, and a little more.

  • MAXIMA 70

    For those looking to get the most out of wood IMPRONTA responds with its MAXIMA line, in its various forms, each with its own strong and distinctive personality.
    MAXIMA 70 is an extremely versatile product, suitable both for new construction and renovation, combining high functional standards, design flexibility and accessibility, with meticulous attention being paid to every detail of workmanship. MAXIMA 70 is accessible luxury.

  • ATF

    ATF window systems reach their maximum potential, incorporating view with the building structure itself, by virtue of absolute alignment between the wall/window frame combined with the use of recessed hardware.
    The ATF design places the external environment in a protagonist role, which is fully experienced through the glass, whilst the window is its discrete frame and accomplice.


    MAXIMA VISION: a product name, and a visual effect for those who admire it. A frameless sliding door system in which only the fixed glass is perceived, and which seems to embed itself into the wall. Maximum vision in the face of minimal design in a wooden sliding system, which is able to transfer the traditional allure of warmth and quality. Tradition and modernity, in their MAXIMA VISION.


    An outside all-glass window effect, with a minimalist style that is clean and maintenance free. An interior wooden window with which to communicate the warmth and tradition of this noble material. PROXIMA is not the next step in window system evolution, it is already here today, a combination of technology, modernity and tradition that brings together glass, aluminium and wood perfectly, in an ensemble that is perfectly tuned to the living space.


    The perfect match between wood and aluminium is fully accomplished in PLANUS where, as the name implies, the outer coating of aluminium on the sash and frame is aligned, conferring harmony and modernity throughout the entire house, while the wood invokes a charming traditional home feeling. A hitherto unknown ease of use, with a maintenance free exterior, that is complete and which captures the spirit of contemporary architecture.

  • xtravision


    The Xtravision by Orama sliding glass walls combine lightness, comfort and high technology. The essential design removes the barriers between inside and outside of a building. Thanks to its innovative characteristics, Xtravision by Orama is modern and sustainable architecture. The extreme simplicity and lightness of Xtravision by Orama are the peculiar aesthetic feature of our glass walls. Thanks to a minimal design and the use of big glass surfaces, the architectonic spaces gain depth and lightness, and light is the protagonist.
    Xtravision by Orama offers a wide range of openings, which can adapt to the most different situations. The doors can weigh up to 320 Kg in the standard version and up to 450 Kg in the XL version. The big dimensions of the surfaces and the reduced size of the frames assure great lightness to the interior spaces.
    Finishes: oxidates available by catalogue Colours: RAL colours available by folder