Windows are not only a functional element and furnishing, but represent contact with the outside world: in many cases, they are the only part of our living space through which it breathes. In any case, as far as we are concerned, windows are living works, like the wood from which they are inspired and created.

For this reason, if every door and window manufacturer were to speak of the quality, safety and durability of their product, we at IMPRONTA go one step further: to the heart of the customer, to whom we offer an absolutely perfect work of art in every detail, and at the heart of nature, respecting it responsibly in every phase.

Yes, we at IMPRONTA interpret technological innovation through the passion and ancient knowledge of our experienced masters, as only in this way can designs that reach the heart be created.


Wood is living and has a soul. It is our greatest partner with which to protect, connect, and decorate our home dimension with the environment outside: balancing of course seasonal changes in temperature, while characterising the living space in a noble appearance that communicates safety and value. It is a subject that concentrates all the ancient wisdom of good living within itself, being perfectly combined with the most modern requirements and understanding for saving the most energy, controlling noise, and the overall liveability of the home.

As far as IMPRONTA is concerned, wood is like a treasure chest of gifts and opportunities to reciprocate and pass on to its customers whilst constantly working in strict compliance with a material, so rich and generous. Each phase of work is therefore designed and carried out according to maximum eco- friendliness: from the selection of wood from certified forests to the cutting processes which are optimized to avoid product wastage, to the exclusive use of water- based coatings, to the closed water recirculation systems, culminating in the ecological treatment of all factory waste and refuse.


For the individual Customer, the added value of a company does not just reside in the quality of its work, but in the ability of design, that is the initial moment when desires and needs find their ideal form.

IMPRONTA interprets this moment in the phrase ‘design inside’ where ‘inside’ stands for the personality of the client who needs to ‘feel’ his own space like an outfit that has been specially tailored to him, as well as a secure answer to the most advanced standards of functionality (safety, energy saving, ergonomics, etc.).

Since the uniqueness of a work of art is only achieved when its functioning excellence is inspired from an idea which falls perfectly into contemporary living.


Each company defines itself and its products as a unique individual, isn’t that right? So for this to be true what does a company have to have to be so special? The answer that every customer can most certainly find in IMPRONTA is a true ARTINDUSTRIAL soul, a symbiotic combination of craftsmanship and industry that extracts the best from the two factors it is comprised of: Craftsmanship means talent, passion and expertise that over the centuries has discovered the secrets of matter enabling its qualities of detail to stand out in a way that no machine could ever grasp; industry means using the latest techniques and technologies to achieve maximum precision and control with the best construction standards, safety, reliability and efficiency over time.

IMPRONTA is for good reason a leading player of that virtuous Made in Italy concept which the whole world recognizes as excellence going beyond the total quality of industrial performance as more than that it is the heart and talent of the master craftsman himself. For this reason we can say that each one of our windows, in each of its many compositional elements, will leave an IMPRONTA, an indelible mark in your relationship with this noble material that is wood, in the form of a window.


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