Sliding glass doors Made in Italy

Quality joinery Made in Italy
May 18, 2017

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Why choose sliding glass doors made in Italy from Impronta?


Today’s plays increasingly important projects the possibility of realizing large Windows to put in contact the inside of the House to the outside.Xtravision
To achieve this effect it takes large sliding glass doors that also ensure protection to burglary, Sun, cold

The sliding glass doors by Impronta are made in various and numerous versions.

Sliding systems are used in wood or wood with outer aluminium cladding or just aluminum.

Among the most significant products in terms of design, safety and performance there is Xtravision.
Thermal break aluminium sliding Xtravision is one that expresses the ultimate in minimalist design; visually we perceive only the glass going to fit in the floor, the ceiling and walls.

Sliding glass doors Made in Italy

All these solutions are designed in Impronta, the result of Made in Italy.
Are greatly appreciated by designers and customers.
These products are distinguished by having a high reliability to ensure perfect functioning over time; even after many years and then very low maintenance.
The pursuit of quality and performance are at the base of the tread design process.

Our customers appreciate the extreme elegance of sliding glass doors, the possibility to get in touch with the outside even with the Windows closed; then safely to family members.

In addition to these aspects the sliding glass doors of Impronta ensure excellent performance from a thermal point of view allowing you to have a great saving, environmental comfort, healthiness and absence of mould.

Moreover, the use of glass allows you to reach a magnificent acoustic comfort especially for those dwellings that are located near significant sources of noise such as high-traffic roads, railways, airports.

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