The smart house is the house in which the user is main player, through appropriate interfaces (buttons, remote controls, touch screen, keyboard, voice recognition), of a unified system of management and control of all aspects of home living, from the safety and comfort to the relationship between indoor and outdoor. This system allows you to live your home spaces in a high-tech context, but with extreme ease of use. All products by IMPRONTA are compatible with such configuration, and ready to offer you a new life experience.


    The desire for ‘minimal design’ fits into every element of modern architecture, to the point that today it is possible to create railings entirely in glass. The glass railings by IMPRONTA provide an effect of the absolute discretion and non-invasiveness of the structure, which is almost invisible, while ensuring top performances through the use of high-thick laminated and tempered glass.


    Nowadays security has become an essential element of the home living concept. For this reason, all products by IMPRONTA can be equipped with alarm sensors and anti-intrusion bar slots, to be connected to the home safety system, in order to further raise your level of protection.


    The insulated shutter boxes by IMPRONTA consist of a high density box, insulation shoulders in extruded polystyrene and fiber cement, insulated top cover and thermal cut under window sill: a system that consistently reduces construction times while maintaining the ability to customize at the highest level.
The high energy efficiency window hole maximizes the thermal and acoustic performance. The insulated shutter boxes by IMPRONTA are designed to operate either rolling shutters or sun breakers, in manual or motorized version. They can be supplied in many versions, depending on the type of wall, the position of the window frame and the specific requirements of the site.


    The new design trends demand a customization of the exterior walls of home shell by applying cladding systems provided with special and innovative finishes. The cladding systems by IMPRONTA can be made of heat- treated wood or in the most technologically advanced materials such as HPL: always, in any case, materials with very low or no maintenance. The cladding of facades, besides giving a striking aesthetic impact, also play an important shielding action, thus helping to achieve significant energy savings performance.


    Rolling shutters are always used for household context for their ease of use and practicality.?The rolling shutters by IMPRONTA can be made in insulated aluminum, steel and PVC in a wide range of solutions to meet any technical, aesthetic and safety need. Available in a manual or motorized control: in the latter case they can be connected to the home automation control system.


    The need to shield the direct impact of solar radiation on the glass, in order to reduce energy consumption for the cooling of buildings in summer, has led IMPRONTA to study and develop innovative screening systems. The sliding sun breakers by IMPRONTA feature an aluminum frame and blades/slats made of wood or XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam), a highly innovative material that brilliantly combines aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a long service life and high resistance to atmospheric agents. Such a system greatly improves living comfort by allowing you to enjoy all the rooms of the house, ensuring:

    • Effective sunscreen
    • Limited heat transfer inside the home living
    • Dimensional stability
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Quick and accurate laying system?

    These products are characterized by high sturdyness, extreme weather resistance and ease of cleaning for a prolonged life.


    The louvre sun-breakers by IMPRONTA represent an advanced screening system that combines modern technology with high standards of functionality in time and minimum maintenance costs. The innovative shape of the blades meets the aesthetic taste of architects and building contractors. The ability to orient the blades or slats in any position of the shield ensures both optimum brightness and a good level of darkening. Numerous systems are available, some of which equipped with a locking device against the lifting of the slats, working in any position: in this case the latch, not visible to the outside, is mounted, well-protected, on the lateral guides, against any burglary attempt. The products are made and supplied in manual or motorized version: in the latter case they can be connected to the home automation control system. The louvre sun-breakers by IMPRONTA are synonymous with safety, comfort and economy.


    The Flap folding shutters by IMPRONTA are an absolute exclusive product, consisting in 2-parts shutters folding upwards, thus creating a horizontal sun protection barrier. Their metal structure, particularly robust, provides high protection against break- ins and can be coated with various materials in a wide range of finishes to suit any home living. The flap folding shutters by IMPRONTA are available in motorized version, and can be connected to home automation control system.


    Shutters are traditionally the favorite items to protect against intrusion and climatic agents, in addition to the function of the necessary darkening for the bedroom dwellings. The shutters by IMPRONTA are made of stabilized wood or aluminum, offering a wide range of colors, designs and opening systems. Highly adaptable for both traditional or modern settings, they are available in manual or motorized version: in the latter case are connected to your home automation control system.


    The IMPRONTA hi-tech awnings ensure home privacy and security by the use of 100% screening and shading fabrics, in a wide range of colour finishes. Their relevant shielding standard and resistance under conditions of strong wind also allow you to get an excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency.?They are very versatile, also available in large sizes, perfectly fitting any living space, classic or modern. In the motorized version, they can be connected to the home automation control system.


    Mosquito nets are important protection devices against pollens and all kinds of insects (mosquitoes, bed bugs, bees, wasps, hornets). IMPRONTA offers various models for the management of each constructive and architectural shape, including large size formats. They are available in both manual and motorized version: in the latter case you can connect them to the home automation control system.